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Lunch Catering

All of our menus...

Have a clear theme…so everyone knows what’s for lunch.

Are creative and contemporary…yet offer authentic flavors and presentations.

Provide choices for everyone vegan, gluten free, skipped breakfast…anything!

Give your team the variety they crave… and the consistency they deserve.

San Francisco’s fresh & healthy catering company

At GigaBites, we pride ourselves on delivering healthy, seasonal, and delicious food made fresh daily. We work with California grown produce as much as possible, and all of our meats and fish come from a happy place, because we believe that’s the right thing to do.

Not only does our food taste great, it will make you feel great!

Our menus are based on...

World cuisine,

Familiar favorites,

and Regional American cooking

     …with fun menus for all the “half holidays” like St. Patrick’s Day, Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo.

Local, seasonal produce is at the heart of what we do.

A dish with asparagus in May, may have peppers in August, and pumpkin in November.

We bring in all the best fruit at peak season, and adjust our menus seasonally to match the weather.

Research, practice, and careful planning go into all our menus. The menu composition, ingredients, and recipes are engineered with office lunches in mind. We follow the latest trends, cut calories when we can, and are as hypoallergenic as possible. Our portioning is consistent and generous and our pricing is affordable and competitive-because good food should be for everyone.