San Francisco Office Lunch Specialists

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We know what you want

Your order will arrive on time, and we won’t waste yours.

We have a small team of familiar, well trained and experienced downtown drivers.

You receive quality ingredients, and we tell you what they are.

Making it easy for you to answer the inevitable questions from your team.

Your team will appreciate our variety of delicious menus.

They won’t get bored, and you’ll hear rave reviews.

Your team members with special dietary needs will be just as happy.

And you’re happy when they’re happy, right?

You’ll have direct contact with our team of professionals.

No middleman means prompt attention and accountability.

Flexible Terms

You’ll get what you want faster with low order minimums, monthly billing, and customization isn’t just allowed, but encouraged.

Competitive Pricing

Our menus range from $14-$20+ depending on your choice of add-ons.

More than just lunch

Team breakfast to kick off a big project? Happy Hour to celebrate? Regional Sales meeting? We’ve got you covered!